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VB-Audio Matrix universal real-time audio router for Windows (Technically free)


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VB-Audio has announced the release of a new audio framework for Windows that allows you to connect several audio devices and applications together channel by channel.

Offering total control of audio routing, the Matrix software lets you connect up to 3 physical ASIO devices, multiple Windows applications and DAW software, and even computers with VBAN streaming.

Now with the VB-Audio Matrix, all audio streams can be managed, routed and mixed together, from your USB MIC to any ASIO devices, from your ASIO device to any audio applications, to or from Voicemeeter to Discord, Zoom or Ableton Live, to or from all other computer thanks to VBAN streaming features… All connections will be possible channel by channel.

VBMatrix application is free to use without any functional limitation. You pay what you want when you want if you find it useful. Thanks for your participation!

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I'm completely naive to how to use VB-Matrix, but need to get my audio interface's mic channel output to Zoom video. I have no problems working with my audio interface and Cakewalk (works flawlessly), but have had nothing but problems with Zoom. I'm using a MOTU M4. It has a loopback mix that supposedly works for others to channel the interface to Zoom, but, not in my case. When I use the loopback mix, the resulting audio in Zoom is choppy and distorted. I assume that there are problems with the MOTU's ASIO settings and Zoom, but I don't have the knowledge to fix them (despite several hours of work).

From what I've read, VB-Matrix may provide the necessary solution to getting the interface's audio output to Zoom. I would appreciate help in how to do this.



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