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Brandon Bowles

Strange behavior when using Stretch to Tempo....

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So I'm speeding up a song.  I was using the Stretch to Tempo box in the Groove Clip section to set the clips to the new tempo.  It was working fine at first.  I simply highlight the clip, check Stretch to Tempo and input the original tempo of the clip in the Original Tempo box and everything matched up.  Then something happened and I'm not sure what it is.  Now it is as if something "broke" the functionality in the session.  Now when I check Stretch to Tempo for the remaining audio clips in the project the waveform shifts as if it is matching up with the new tempo, but when played back it is playing at the old tempo even though the waveforms are visually matched up with the new tempo.  I am going from 88 bpm to 101 bpm, so it is very obvious that the clips are shifting to match the new tempo.  They are just not playing back that way.  Very weird behavior.  Not sure what happened here.

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