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A Song I Originally Made In Ableton Remade In Cakewalk


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To start things off: I'm still fairly new to Cakewalk. The only things I've done in this remake is take the original song I did in the free trial of Ableton Live 10 and redo the song in Cakewalk. I'm still progressing as I go along. 

What I did was take the intro and turn the synth notes into loops, importing the .wav samples into Cakewalk. Everything else is from scratch and memorization. I hope you like it.

I would do all of this on my computer, but my computer has been acting funny and I lost all my stuff, leaving me to reinstall everything. So, there aren't any screenshots or video recordings of me recreating the song.

Here is the link to the song: https://soundcloud.com/audiseemusic/mastermind

My mastering needs work, so please bare with me. Thank you for listening.

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