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2023.09 Update 1 [Updated 19-Oct-2023]

Morten Saether

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[UPDATE 19-Oct-2023: Cakewalk 2023.09 Update 1 (build now available]

We're pleased to announce the 2023.09 release!  This release is primarily a maintenance release and includes over 60 bug fixes for user reported issues. 

Please note:

  • Version 2023.09 will likely be the last update to Cakewalk by BandLab (CbB). CbB will eventually be discontinued as future development and support will transition to the upcoming Cakewalk Sonar release.
  • All Cakewalk products require activation. Changes to the activation server require that all earlier versions of Cakewalk by BandLab must be updated to version 2023.09 in order to activate successfully.  If you wish to continue to use CbB, you must update to the 2023.09 version. Earlier versions will cease to activate in the future.
  • BandLab Assistant is no longer used for installing or activating CbB or other Cakewalk products. You must use in-app activation as described below. You can continue to use BandLab Assistant, but not for Cakewalk products.
  • In order to activate CbB, you must sign in to your BandLab account by choosing Help > Sign In to BandLab. When the sign-in web page opens, enter your BandLab credentials to sign in from there. If activation was successful, you will receive a "Cakewalk is fully activated" confirmation message.
    Note: Opening a web browser to independently sign in to BandLab will not activate Cakewalk.
  • Version 2023.09 currently does not support offline activation, so your computer must be online to activate it. Offline activation will be available soon.
  • In order to automatically keep your activation status up to date, Cakewalk will renew your activation status whenever a new version of the application is installed and run for the first time, and when you sign in to BandLab from within Cakewalk. If you have never signed in to BandLab from within Cakewalk, you will be prompted once to sign in. 


The Bakers

To download and install the 2023.09 update, select Help > Check for Updates from within the app.

Note: Because earlier versions of Cakewalk can no longer be activated, there is no rollback installer available for the 2023.09 release.


Update Oct 19 2023:

2023.09 Update 1 (build

Bug fixes:

  • Splitting a clip using "s" shortcut with automatic crossfades enabled only partially selects the chosen side
  • [Regression] Hidden buses are unhidden on project load
  • Buses are not hidden properly in UI in Track view



2023.09 Highlights


Bug fixes


  • User reported crash enabling MIDI sync in project
  • Crash right-clicking assignable controls in Console view
  • [Regression] Crash when copy/insert arranger section
  • Drag and drop of audio from track with patch point crashes
  • ACTController crashes when comments have more than 512 characters.
  • Cakewalk/ACTController crashes on start up when ctrlsurface.dat is corrupt
  • Crash bouncing step sequencer clip
  • Fixed Help Module UIAutomation crash
  • Crash when exporting to MP3 when the target file is not writable
  • User Reported crash when running task export

Export Audio dialog:

  • Changing selection causes Windows sound if clip or track inspector is open
  • Unexpected gain increase when exporting mono clips with Source Category Clips
  • Adding a task doesn't resize the queue panel


  • Toggling Send On/Off in Inspector fails to dirty project
  • [Regression] Right inspector strip disappears when choosing HW output


  • Automation track not assigned when "Ask This Every Time" is unchecked
  • Convert MIDI Controllers to Envelopes does not handle some shapes


  • Overwrite isn't always enabled when moving section
  • Unexpected results when copying an Arranger section selection with overwrite on to itself
  • Ripple All delete with absolute time Arranger track not working as expected
  • Unexpected results when move an Arranger section selection with shift existing clips
  • Excessive section paint calls in Arranger causing slow UI performance
  • Selection lost after multiple section move
  • Multiple Arranger section selection not shown in drag image
  • Incorrect Arranger track ripple delete with non-contiguous clip selection
  • When previewing an arrangement, the arrangement inspector pane does not scroll
  • Inconsistent Arranger copy behavior with lanes on/off
  • Corrupted clips when drag/copy Arranger section during playback


  • VSTScan not properly removing compatibility entries when rescanning a plugin that has been updated
  • Persist compatibility updates for VST


  • [Regression] Renaming of Bus/Aux Tracks/Patch points not reflected in Control Surfaces
  • Cursor change fails when moved from Console bus pane
  • Inaccurate drop indicator when dragging multiple clips
  • Subfolder comp tracks scrolling incorrectly in certain circumstances


  • Allow expanding of collapsed docked windows by double clicking
  • Help URL in crash notification displays invalid legacy subdomain
  • Virtual MIDI input changes unexpectedly after synth delete
  • Apply Trimming to MIDI clips does not trim note durations
  • Inconsistent AutoXFade with split clips
  • Ripple Edit Delete does not auto xfade
  • Tracks sourced from aux track L/R/S always show a stereo record meter when armed
  • Snap offset unexpectedly set when stretching cropped stretched clips
  • Import as mono tracks fails to work when importing video
  • Control Surface items not opening correctly with multiple surfaces enabled
  • Glitches in playback when changing active track during playback
  • Insert of user track template goes to hardware inputs instead of assigned virtual ports in track template
  • Position lock inconsistently locks data
  • Paste Special/Slide and Move not working as expected
  • White Noise when exporting to MP3
  • External FX ports not persisted in track templates
  • [Regression] Synth Rack or Help Module docked by itself fails to collapse as expected
  • Aux Tracks do not retain routing correctly with Patch Points when inserted as track template
  • Race condition updating meters when loading ProChannel preset
  • Hitting ENTER on Tempo track value should commit tempo and exit edit box
  • Typing "\" becomes "+\" in preferences with Finnish keyboard
  • Empty track folders are moved to the end of the project on project reload
  • [Regression] Hidden tracks are unhidden on project open
  • [Regression] Strips/tracks hidden when loading user project
  • [Regression] Control surfaces aren't being updated when Send Destination changes
  • Missing tempo entries/envelope nodes in user project
  • External FX ports not loaded when loading FXChain containing external insert
  • Note selection lost on Piano Roll view note drag undo/redo
  • Update CWAF tool for v29 builds

Latest release notes are here.
See prior release notes.
Check out all new features released to date.


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