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bit depth

charles kasler

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Most ASIO drivers for interfaces are set at 24. You cannot change this so it is as you are seeing. 
There are very few interfaces that have 32 as an option and then there are a few budget interfaces that are only 16. 
So majority are 24. Cakewalk renders at 32 by default so if I export a stem I use 32. But all new audio is recorded at 24. 

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6 hours ago, 57Gregy said:

Or, you can only change it from the ASIO Panel.

Well the 6 interfaces I’ve owned since back in 2007 all only used 24. No options to change that. 
Possibly some can but none I’ve used. Someone mentioned they had one that did 32 but I think that is rare. 
Anyway the box is greyed out because it can’t be changed for that interface.  
Oddly enough my on board audio can be changed. 

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