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Rob Papen launches LowSane


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Rob Papen has introduced a new creative multi-effect plugin designed to treat your audio with some ‘LoFi’ sound sculpting: LowSane.

Well, LowSane adapts to this creative process and adds some additional creative options like the ‘Disrupt Sphere’ to this world of crushing down the digital bits! If offers in the audio route a Distortion module, Band Pass / Notch Filter, Lo-Fi section, Hi and low Pass Filters, and a Noise Gate.

These parameters can be controlled by the ‘Disrupt Sphere’, and additionally there is also an Audio Follower which again can control the “Disrupt Sphere” or any of the other parameters. Last but not least there is a 2-slot modulation matrix in which you can connect again parameters, or use MIDI to control parameters and also the ‘Disrupt Sphere’.

Available for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU and AAX), LowSane is priced $25 USD / 25 EUR

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5 hours ago, kevin H said:

Note it is free for existing explorer 8 owners.  Download latest installer from “my products” from Rob Papen website.

Ah yes, Rob Papen has a great policy of adding new plugins for free to the bundle.

I'm still on 7, and my upgrade is €74 which gives me Blue 3, Bit 2 and Lowsane. I might do that on Black Friday.

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