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Mapping sampled drum beats onto actual drum beats in Cakewalk?

Edward Allen


Hi there

Is there a way to easily take a regular recorded acoustic drum pattern that appears on a channel in Cakewalk (lets just say a simple bass drum beat) and "map" onto it some "sampled" sounds (like the Steven Slate ones for example) so it "replaces" the sound of the actual  bass drum with a sampled one? (make sense?!?)

I know I could do this by laying down a midi track within Cakewalk, but I was looking to see more for situations where there is a need to "repair" the sounds from an acoustic kit.

Many thanks in advance.


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So, OK, now I know what to look for thanks I can see it it WAS actually already installed!

I've tried the feature and yes it does work to "identify" (in the case the bass drum) beats, and gives you 4 built in sound profiles to select, which is a nice start.

That said, I can't see if its possible to do the following:

  • Create a separate channel for these "midi style" beats.
  • Map other drum samples onto these identified beats.

Any thoughts on how to do these next steps please? 

Thanks again.




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You can drag the detection created from Drum Replacer onto a midi track and then use whatever drum VSTI you want to trigger with those midi notes.



Other options include using Melodyne's audio to midi conversion to do something similiar

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