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iZotope Music Production Suite 6 is here - update from V5 for $41.16


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1 hour ago, Grem said:




Anyone made a purchase today that didn't buy Ozone or Nector in Aug and still got the upgrade for $42?


Perhaps I don't want to say this too loudly, but yes! It has been a while since I bought the 5.2 package.

  Frankly, for the changes in Ozone 10 to Ozone 11, $42 seemed about right.  I will try Guitar Rig 7 in the next few days, and perhaps that will even sweeten the deal.  

I am still irritated that Izotope discontinued the standalone Ozone interface with the last update.  Most of all it just changes my workflow. Izotope said, "The reason for this was that the usage metrics were very low (about 95% of Ozone users only use the plug-ins)."  What they didn't account for was that perhaps a lot of customers turned off those metrics.  I know I did.  Who knows if that actually turned off anything?!  

Kind of hilarious that any changes I make in cookies or metric reporting are probably meaningless now that .aax plugins are added to my computer, whether I purposely customize my install process through the Izotope install process, or not! 

The other thing I noticed about the Izotope website is that my purchases no longer show up.  And I purchased plenty over the years directly through their website.  I am instructed to go to Digital River to see that.  

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Japanese iZotope dealer are negotiating with headquarters for an MPS 6 upgrade pass, available only to those who purchased MPS 5.2 in Japan between March 2 and July 31, 2023.
If this is to happen, it should be done worldwide!

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