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The Mastering Gauntlet challenge & giveaway!

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You may not know me very  well as i have quietly lurked the forum for years.  I've been an avid and enthusiastic cakewalk user since sonar V5! 

Ive been mastering music in cakewalk since the very beginning of my career, and this year I came up with a challenge concept.  I pitched the idea to a fellow mastering engineer and we started this challenge, called The Mastering Gauntlet!

We have gained a bunch of sponsors willing to giveaway some pretty amazing offers, including Warp Academy giving away their Serum Jumpstart sound design master-class + the dark side funk Serum soundbank, Producer Dojo (run by dylan aka ill Gates) giving away 1 year subscription to their weekly download vault, Sample Hero is giving away their Everything Bundle which includes an assortment of cinematic and dark, moody virtual instruments, sample libraries, and midi kits which is growing monthly, and last but not least, Teknofonic is giving away one year of their pro membership to their business development platform which is a massive resource for artists, producers, and engineers to network and learn from some of the best in the industry!  We also have deals from Distrokid, and Neverland Music Retreats.

 The Gauntlet has already started and has done free mastering for one artist every day this month, but we need your help!

We need more submissions.  I'm going to extend a special offer to this awesome community, and invite anyone who has any electronic-genre production to submit it to the Gauntlet by going to this private submission page: https://www.themasteringgauntlet.net/season-1-electric-summer-challenge-giveaway/:

When you enter, page 2 will show that the prize giveaway portion  is closed, but don't worry - we will manually add your email to the prize giveaway portion on our end after you've submitted.


I'm taking down the private page on 9/22.  You'll have until then to submit a track.  We will be selecting at random one per day until we fill every slot from now until 9/30 (for a total of 30 songs mastered),  so the sooner you submit, the more likely you are to have your entry selected!  

Check The Mastering Gauntlet's facebook and instagram, we announce each winner daily!

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