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Configuring sound output from Cakewalk on a Win 10 laptop

Edward Allen



I'm struggling to configure my laptop to play sound from Cakewalk, and don't know how to troubleshoot it, so I wondered if anyone has any pointers please?

The audio files are fine ( as I can play them back via my Zoom L20 mixer on ASIO), and I can also open and play the files on my main PC, but for some reason the laptop ain't having it!

The laptop audio works fine for all other purposes (either direct from the built in speakers OR to my bluetooth earbuds.)

I've attached a couple of shots to show what I'm seeing, so any thoughts on what is the optimal configuration for this would be much appreciated. I must be honest I don't understand the  differences in the WASAPI etc. etc. dropdown list, and am not sure if this is the issue. 

(I know that in the shot the Realtek outputs aren't ticked but even when they are I still don't get sound)

Many thanks in advance



IMG_2310 (1).JPG


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If you switch to ASIO and give us screenshots/pics of those screens, what do you have?

ASIO is your best choice (don't use WDM or MME, or any wrappers like ASIO4ALL) but it only allows one device at a time, so if you don't JUST have the Zoom checked, it won't switch over for you.  Obviously make sure you have the ASIO drivers from Zoom installed for your device too - that's important.

If, for some reason, ASIO isn't working (or it doesn't have proper ASIO drivers), then WASAPI is a decent backup, but let's see the prefs with ASIO selected first and see what we're looking at.

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