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Spitfire Albion One 1.7b15b update

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Spitfire Albion One 1.7b15b update1.6b14 update

Use the SpitFire Audio installer to get it...

v1.7 (August 2019)   209.4MB
  ADDED: Stephensons 'Steam X' presets and previews
  ADDED: Stephensons 'Modulator X' presets and previews

In case you missed it:
v1.6 (June 2019)  174.1MB
    ADDED: All previews updated
    FIXED: NKS folder structure updated and improved
    FIXED: Tuning and NKS controls of CHX presets
    FIXED: Some CS patches are not CS
    FIXED: Darwin Percussion clicks
    FIXED: Strings Legato CS broken
    FIXED: Legato Individuals - Faders Corrected  
    FIXED: Stereo width appearing in legato
    FIXED: Strings - Shared KS Issue
    FIXED: Brass Legato - Unscripted Keychanges
    FIXED: Low Strings - Tuning issue
    UPDATED: Woodwind legatos attack tweaked

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