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Even More DAW & Plugin-Content AV Consolidation?

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Just adding to the other recent posts about the companies we used to think of as "solid" businesses in their own right...



Hmm... So,  which app will we soon need to download & license it all...  Native Access, AVID Master Account, iZotope whatever... ?  -I'm not sure I even want to know!

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3 hours ago, Sander Verstraten said:

Indeed. -That one was mentioned as a possibility in the article listed at the beginning. -Well, for now, looks like there won't be the awkward conjunctions from the other affiliations that could have happened!  -Still, though I wish them all the best, these once individually-defined companies all seem to be fading into obscurity under the guise of "managed acquisitions", and one always has to wonder how that will wind up for the folks like us who just need to use the tools on a regular, reliable basis.

Not that these things are always bad, and our continuing here with Cakewalk can easily be an example of that, of course. But so many of the original companies and brands I grew up and went to work, and play with, seem to have watered down and all but disappeared, and acquisitions like this are usually the beginning of that. -Investment groups don't just do it for fun, a price will be extracted for the shareholders above all else.  -Ah well, I guess I should have worked to be a musical stock broker or something like that maybe?  -Perhaps in another life.

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