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UAD Manley Voxbox for $89


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So i guess it went native , zero notification or new about that ? 


By the way this one a beast ,very few remember that in it you basically have an elop compressor ...and this is exactly why i use it on my busses !!

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1 hour ago, Marina said:

Just give it a couple of months and it will be a freebie with some 14-day subscription trial ;) 

This one i doubt ... the poly synth wasn t something selling alot imho becasue people gravitateed more on either the moog or the Wavetable beast 


freebies i see more stuff like a la 3a , or a tape ect ...


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Just now, Bapu said:

UAD-2 hardware owners:
If you own the Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip or Manley Tube Preamp, you can download the native version today for free!



That doesn t count Oncle B !!! Lol

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