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Groove-clip stretches out empty


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I am relatively new to Cakewalk because I used it just a little until now.

I am creating a track and some days ago I was able to set some midi groove-clips so they repeat: I put notes into a measure, then activated the groove-clip and edited its boundary. The groove-clips play as expected.

Today I tried the same thing for the drum track but I experienced something strange: when I activate the groove-clip function on the clip (one measure) it stretches out up to the end of the song but it is like I changed its length, not the repeat range. So I end up with a long clip almost empty because just a measure has notes.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance

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Sounds like conversion to Groove Clip didn't happen for whatever reason. Does the clip have beveled/rounded corners? Check the Groove Clip section of the Clip tab in the Inspector with the clip selected to see if 'looping' is enabled, and make sure the 'Beats in Clip' value is correct (should be 4 for a single measure of 4/4).

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@David Baay

I did not find the suggested section of the Clip tab in the inspector, but it was enough to "apply trim" to the region and now I can set the repeat range.


PS Eventually, I found out that section


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