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Seeing OB-xd synth? [SOLVED]

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I have added a few vst synths recently and they just appeared as asked.

However I have just dl'd and extracted OB-xd64bit.dll to both c:\program files\cakewalk\vst plugins and c:\program files\cakewalk\vst plugins\discodsp folders.

OB-xd does not appear in my synth lists if I ask to insert new synth. So with some trepidation (I have been there before) I opened the Plug-in Manager. I found some online instruction by Bandlab that seemed to have little with what I was seeing, but anyway....


EDIT: It appeared after I closed and reopened CW I(for about the fourth time)

- I checked my scan paths and found that c:\program files\cakewalk\vst plugins was indeed included.

-I ran the scan and could then see OB-xd in the centre column when I selected VST Instruments (VSTi) in the Left column.

-I opened "uncategorised" in the Right column and asked to add OB-xd. OB-xd appeared in that segment of the Right hand column.

-I asked to Close and was asked to save the new layout. I saved it as "nl", with the display name "nl".

- I then tried to insert OB-xd. It does not show. I went back into the Mangler and "nl" was ticked as the current layout.

One of us is doing something wrong....help?

Any help appreciated


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