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W10 FLS Slot Limit Increase

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4 hours ago, Pete Brown said:

FWIW, I tried out the FLS Checker plugin, and it maxes out at 128.

Nice to see you here, Mr. Pete Brown,  may the sun never set on the Microsoft/Cakewalk friendship.

So the FLS checker VST itself has a similar limitation? Hmm.

It counts how many slots you are using and subtracts that number from 128. If the result is <0 it returns "+-0".

I'll guess the person who coded it didn't know how to ask the OS how many slots were available so they did the best they could (it's somewhere in <iostream>?). Or they just didn't want to bother. Nice that it handles the >128 condition gracefully.

And, good sir, you:

1. Have access to 18, 312 plug-ins on your DAW computer.

2. Which can load 4000 of them and still run Visual Studio.

I'd say it's good ta be da king!

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Pretty sure the FLS Checker VST simply has a hard-coded 128 in it. I assume, when you click "update", it has a loop that tries to allocate slots up to 128 and stops when it gets the error, and then just frees them all. That's my assumption anyway.


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