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53 minutes ago, Bajan Blue said:

Great Gary  -well written, beautifully played and a good mix

Loved the guitar solo

Those harmonies are spot on

Cool Stuff



Thanks for the listen and comment Nigel


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5 minutes ago, KSband said:

Agree very professional sounding. I think there is way too much reverb on everything though. 

Thanks for the listen and comment.
We all paint different pictures..
Regarding the reverb that's how I like it.
In the intro its there on purpose to catch the listeners attention..  then you are hit by the vocals..
Its all about ear candy and grabbing attention.

Some comment was mention about feedback on vs two but I couldnt hear it.

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Gary, great song!  The vocal styling is perfect for the genre and the harmonies really gel.  I wouldn't have guessed that country music would be popular in Norway, but why not?  BTW I was on a photo tour of Norway last year and have to say it's one of the most scenic places on earth.

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Welcome back Gary! So great to hear this. The mix ticks all the right boxes for clarity, ambience, guitar washes, and background vocals. Superb harmonizing!

So while there's really nothing wrong with the mix, I would have to wonder if the lead vocal had a little more presence in the lower registers. You might experiment with adding some weight to it, boosting a little eq in the 500 - 800hz range. The reason I'm hearing is, the lead vocal is currently eq's almost as if it were a bgv, with a lot of low end  cut away so it doesn't clash with mix elements. I heard the lead vocal (great performance and voice!) as just a bit thin in the mix.

So glad you are back and looking forward to hearing more from you!




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