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UVI Releases Effect Bundle and a new optical compressor

Brian Lawler

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14 hours ago, ralfrobert said:

You could contact support and share the information you get from them. It will not hurt to ask. 

just looping back on this

UVI said - "no"

if you bought as part of a bundle then there is zero upgrade/crossgrade value. so no discounts - pretty poor policy IMO, but saved me some money I suppose.

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8 hours ago, simon said:

in my experience, yes.

Have you bought any of the additional FX released since FX collection V3 was released ?  

If you had then they would credit you with the price of them against the upgrade to FX4.

I'm not sure if I bought it, but I do have Filter MS-20. So that's 199 € for three effects. Even 99 € would be too much, IMO.

I would expect them to calculate the relative price of each plugin in the bundle and price the upgrade based on that. I know this is what UJAM does and it looks like UVI is doing the same, though their bundle has higher price per plugin.

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7 hours ago, trager said:

Those who've upgraded to the bundle, did you have to surrender your individual iLok licenses?

Yes, i think this is what happened (if I remember correctly)

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