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FREE - LUveler Plugin v1.11 By Thomas Mundt released (Windows VST only or Linux LADSPA)

Patrick Wichrowski

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LUveler Is A FREE Loudness Plugin By Thomas Mundt (same author of LoudMax)






LUveler is a loudness and dynamics modification plugin compatible with the ITU-R BS.1770 specification. It provides a precise reduction of the dynamics and works as transparently as possible to maintain the sound quality even under heavy use of its compressors and limiters. This allows a wide range of applications, such as matching dynamic material produced according to the EBU R 128 to a much louder platform. Or the automatic leveling of a podcast. Or simply increasing or decreasing loudness without changing the dynamic range. High-quality true peak limiters avoid exceeding the maximum level.

The LUveler plugin was developed for the use in an automated environment using the LADSPA API. A VST version for Windows has been added. Porting it to other platforms and operating systems, such as MacOS, is not planned!

It is also not planned to add meters to the graphical user interface. But there are very good freely available loudness meters, like the Youlean Loudness Meter.


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Windows only vst info
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