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Agustin Mongelli

Acustica N4 authorization bug in Cakewalk [2019]

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Hi all!

There's a problem with authorizations ONLY when using N4 3rd party official libs with other instances of any other Nebula programs. 

Here is a quote of a thread in old Cakewalk forum, October 24, 18:


I did a TeamViewer session with their support yesterday & they were able to replicate the bug. They don't know yet if it's their software or Cakewalk causing the problem, however it's only happening using Cakewalk. Others daws are not affected.
Noel & crew please be aware of the issue if Acustica hasn't informed you.
BTW Acustica plugins are working really well in Cakewalk these days. Their tech has come along way in the last few years & Cakewalk's been running very smoothly here for a long time now as well. Great combo.

2019 and I confirm this. So annoying and sad. Recently I lost all my mix recall due to this problem. Im and old Nebula and Acqua user and never a problem on Sonar. 

Rencently bought "Brighton", a 3rd party official Lib for N4, and it became a nightmare. Test on Reaper and no problem on same system (Win7 64bit)


Any thoughts?




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