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Can't change Project path + Audio path using "save as"


Since the first CbB version, I've found that the "save as" box doesn't work like it did with every version of Sonar. If I create a new song and later decide I want to change the paths, I hit "save as" and  check - "copy audio with project" and set the new Project path + Audio path. It won't change from the default paths. You can quickly tell by looking at Project/Audio files. Check the names of Project file name and Project audio folder. You'll see that they haven't changed, they are still the defaults.

I do have a custom location for  folder location for project files. Under Preferences my folder location for project files is


So would someone please test this to verify this bug?

Create a song named TEST and then choose Save As,  For this test change your project file location to E:\CakeProAudDir\sonar and your Audio file path to D:\TEST

For decades when I've created a new song, I've always changed the defaults to my custom project file folder for all song files on my E drive and all audio WAVs are on my D drive. This way I have 1 folder for all songs and can easily open different songs

Please verify this bug



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