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Acronym for Wrong Tone With Wrong Chord At Wrong Time!!!!

The purpose is to built a start-up aimed towards musicians or songwriters who are not professionnals but love music!

The idea is: music takes time ....

So if music ain't your job but you produce good things .... Then you go back to your computer , your guitar or whatever ... And it takes time ....

So the thing is: Create an Academy where we teach people how to ruin a track by overloading the preamp , learn the wrong mikes places,and a lot of kept secrets!!!!

Then for thoose who missed this steps ,how to destroy a mix with too low a threshold ,or too high a ratio with the compressor...

Teach them how to get wrong settings with eq and so on....

So the result should be: "Mmmmh  cool man! Good job , but what's your actual profession?"

In this situation , amator musicians should skip playing ...And here comes the heart of the thing!!!!

Normally , they should pack up and get a great area of free time to :  Drink, watch TV, bet on horses, wander In the street .... And a lot of useful things .

For the more recalcitrant , we could teach them how to sing out of tune or how to play out of groove!!!

I think there is a fair amount of business  to  be made with this health recognized enterprise.

Sponsors should be numerous.

What do you think about this great idea?

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