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What happened to AFUI 1.5?

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Hi there, I'm new here and I just started using Cakewalk. I started browsing for themes, and found a particular one, the Almost Flat U.I. (AFUI 1.5), but all the download links bring me to a dead end where the file doesn't exist. It is still downloadable or it is lost forever? Does anyone have the file? thanks in advance

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I made a few tweaks to this (some colors, Transport buttons - didn't really feel the "minimal look" of this version so I've switched to something a bit more classic and changed the colors to match the skin, Performance module tweaked a little bit, skinned some PRV buttons). If anyone's interested, here's my version (named it 1.6 so it doesn't conflict with existing version).

All credits to the original authors.


AFUI 1.6 - BW Pro_2021-12.sth


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