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Reaper updated to 6.80


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REAPER 6.80 is available, with the following updates:
  + Actions: add action to set snap offset for item under mouse to mouse position
  + Arrange: improve auto-scroll behavior when adjusting scrollbars
  + Audio Units: possible fix for occasional crash when loading plug-in state [t=278544]
  + Automation items: support toggling automation items following project default behavior without changing other settings [t=278999]
  + CLAP: do not apply plugin PDC/latency to MIDI events if the plugin produces MIDI output [t=278898]
  + CLAP: fix interpolating parameter values in first buffer block after playback start [t=279157]
  + CLAP: prevent adding duplicate parameter change events to event queue
  + CLAP: support enumerated parameters with arbitrary range [t=278754]
  + CLAP: add clap_get_reaper_context() API
  + Command line: support passing reascript on command line, for example: 'reaper.exe projectfile.rpp scriptfile.lua'
  + Command line: support inserting media or running reascripts in already-running REAPER instance, for example: 'reaper.exe -nonewinst media.wav scriptfile.lua'
  + Customize menu/toolbar: display full action description in menu/toolbar entry context menu
  + FX: improve anticipative FX scheduling to improve performance with slow media disks
  + FX: improve performance of anticipative FX multiprocessing on folder tracks that use PDC [t=227950]
  + FX: improve performance of anticipative FX multiprocessing in various other routing contexts
  + Handscroll/zoom: improve various behaviors [t=246061]
  + Linux: fix context menu in video output when OpenGL is used
  + Localization: fix UTF-8 text in auto-trim/split dialog [p=2678222]
  + macOS: add option in prefs/buffering/advanced to view or change open-file limit
  + macOS: support controlling existing instance of REAPER via command line (parity with other OSes)
  + Media explorer: do not interrupt project peak building when closing media explorer [t=278830]
  + Metadata: support LRC channel configuration in WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE metadata [t=278826]
  + MIDI: fix import of .mid files containing unused bytes after the end of the MIDI data
  + MIDI: support entering blank string for default name for in-project MIDI media items
  + Mixer: if preference disabled to change track selection when clicking track control panel buttons, do not change track selection when clicking master track meter in the mixer
  + MP3: fix off-by-one-sample initial latency when decoding [t=279307]
  + MP3: make end of file peaks display consistent with other types
  + ReaControlMIDI: support loading sysex message from file [t=278648]
  + ReaScript: improve Lua documentation for some third-party functions [t=248191]
  + ReaScript: improve documentation for Track/TakeFX_GetPreset() [t=270988]
  + Regions: add action to select/unselect all regions for rendering
  + Render: flush FX when normalizing audio during video render [t=278518]
  + Render: resolve '..' in render file name [p=2673158]
  + Render: support $directory, $directory2, etc wildcards, representing the project directory parent (parent's parent, etc) on disk
  + Searching: fix incorrect matching of latin-1 characters in various filter fields [t=278801]
  + Takes: changing active take via mouse affects grouped media items and tracks even if those tracks are hidden [t=278470]
  + Track panels: add preference to use shift key to control whether drag and drop of track panel creates a folder
  + Video: fix typo in blitter feedback preset
  + VST: do not apply PDC to MIDI if the plugin generates MIDI events, even if the plugin does not process MIDI input
  + VST: fix bridged VST3 initial sizing on Windows [t=276169]
  + Windows: re-support 2GB+ ReaperThemeZip and ReaperConfigZip files (6.57+ regression) [t=242227]


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