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What ever happened to YouLicense?

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So, I was reading through an old pdf called The Indie Artist Guide, a free pdf put together by Zedd Records, and in one of the sections on Music Licensing there is a link to YouLicense.com ..... however, when you click on it, it now takes you to some scam site called Free Credit Card Rush, which tells you how to generate Fake Credit Card numbers !!!!

This is one pf the things that scares me most about the internet. Somewhere along the line YouLicense has gone ***** up (as we say in the UK) and the site has been taken over by some scammer (or worse) - so what happened to all the data submitted to YouLicense by artsist and musicians over the years? If users of YouLicense had to make payments via credit card, are these the credit card details that the scammers are giving out?

It makes me sad how often scammers take advantage of artists' dreams and aspirations.

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On 5/26/2023 at 10:10 AM, pwalpwal said:

worth asking zedd records, if it's their pdf? (and if they're still sharing it online, they should update it to remove the bad link)

I've let them know.

They said they'll be updating the info this year.

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