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Help needed w/ Cakewalk by BandLab and Vienna Ensemble Pro 7

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Any one here an orchestrator, or just arranger using orchestral sampled sounds? Particularly need assistance getting Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 (VE Pro7) connected. I can usually enter the name of the server and instance when the VE Pro 7 interface box pops-up. 

I noticed over on the Vienna Symphony Libraries forum that the problem is described as Cakewalk is not properly focused when the VE Pro 7 pop-up opens. So, my keyboard entries are taken as Cakewalk hot key entries. Odd that Cakewalk can't take keyboard alphanumeric entries when needed. 

The title to this post needs to be "When will Cakewalk become compatible with Vienna Ensemble Pro 7?" because right now it is not the case that Cakewalk and VE Pro 7 are compatible. 

I'll give this post 24 hours to curate and try again.   

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Hi, I do work a lot with Vienna Instruments, but unfortunately don't use Vienna Ensemble. Instead, I just insert the VST's directly into CW.

I had some trouble before with Vienna Instruments - specifically Synchron player - crashing on CW, but it was addressed by CW support team. They were very diligent, and worked with VI support to resolve the case.  Since then, all VI works just fine. At one point, VI even provided a hot fix so I could work while the next upgrade was available.

I suggest you contact CW support and VI support.


Also, I'm not sure if you did this, but remember that Vienna interface has the usual "give all keystrokes to plugin" command in the right corner. It's necessary that you activate this button to instruct CW to do that. Otherwise, the keystrokes will be instructed to CW instead.


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I regularly use VEP 7 and Cakewalk, so they are definitely compatible.  I always start the VEP 7 Server first and then go into Cakewalk and add the VEP 7 Pro VST 3. Then to find it, just go to Views, Synth Rack View and double click the instance of VEP 7 in the synth rack (the little keyboard and midi icon to the left).  It should pop VEP 7 up or the Vienna connections box. In the connections box there’s the bullseye icon to raise/focus instance in server. There you can Connect or Disconnect server instances.

Also, the Windows task bar at the bottom of your screen (presumably) will be showing your VEP 7 icon if it’s open already. You can click it there to bring it into focus.

Hope that helps! Hit us back!



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