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Precision Audio Analyzing from SPL




Level Meter
True Peak Meter for L, R, Mid & Side with different scales, including Katz-Scales; RMS Metering for L, R, Mid & Side; TPL Histogram

Loudness Meter
Peak to Loudness Ratio (PLR), Peak to Momentary Loudness Ratio (PMR) and Peak to short-term Loudness Ratio (PSR); Integrated Loudness (IL), Momentary Loudness (ML) and short-term Loudness (SL);

Color-coded timeline display to master against a set LU target; Loudness Range Histogram

Bit Monitor
64-bit display; Bit-Depth check - Determine real bit-depth; Bit pattern and distribution timeline; Direct Current (DC) offset meter (up to -40dB)

Vector Scope
Goniometer in linear and logarithmic view; Luminescence slider; Balance meter; Correlation meter

Spectrum- and 1/3 Octave-Analyzer as well as Phase-Panorama-Display: Spectrum (FFT) with 4096 bands achieving a high frequency and amplitude precision; Spectrogram; Panorama- and Phase-Display with a resolution of 4096 frequency bands; 1/3 octave analyzer; Linear and mouse draggable logarithmic frequency scales; Mouse draggable dB scale to change the displayed amplitude ranges 

Retail $249.00  currently on sale: $149.00

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23 minutes ago, backwoods said:

you think they should be selling it for $29 Larry?

Well, Waves has kind of set a precedent (wisely) by deciding
to  get the money on intro, and then letting it go back to retail, and 
THAT is what these other developers are going need to consider, and have to get
on board with, to get peoples money.  Otherwise, due to our PLETHORA
of other plugins, we're just going to wait for the CHEAP sale that invariably
comes around.  The GAME has DRASTICALLY changed, and they need to 
be cognizant of that fact...

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