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UVI Effects flash sale each $29 Rotary,Thorus,Dual Delay X,Plate,Sparkverb,Relayer


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8 minutes ago, Craig N said:

Plate is my favourite plate reverb - love it. And you don't get access to it for free in Falcon, unlike some of the other effects. 

Didn’t know that. Could be the definitive argument for me to get the effect that’s not included in Falcon. 

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7 hours ago, Scott H said:

I have a prediction. Falcon 2 is already at version 2.8. In 4-6 months, UVI will release Falcon 3 which will include all of the effects above that are currently missing from Falcon 2.

Possibly, but some of these are still CPU behemoths, so that may be the reason why they’re not included. 

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1 hour ago, Reid Rosefelt said:

@fleer  Can you use Falcon effects on instruments that can't be loaded in Falcon?

Sadly not, TTF. 

You could load your sounds into Falcon’s sampler but that’s quite the work. 
Which is why I’m happy to have Sparkverb on the side as well. 
And both Plate and Shade, of course, as they’re not in Falcon. 

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