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How to send MIDI to Melda MHarmonizerMB


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I'm trying to follow the video below, which seems straightforward enough - 

1) I've the audio track

2) I've a separate MIDI track, with some chords populated

3) i've added the MHarmonizerMB FX to the Audio Track, and selected the "Harmonizer (requires Midi Input)

4) ...and i'm stuck at this step. The MIDI track does not allow Send, or Output to the plugin. The only Output I see is "1- Drum Map Manager"

Anyone familiar with this plug-in who can help me? Much appreciated in advance!!


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1. On the harmonizer plugin, select "Enable Midi Input" on the VST2 pulldown at the top.

2. Then select "Harmonizer (requires MIDI input".)

3. On the MIDI note track, set the output to the MHarmonizerMB plug in.

Start with LOW latency but give HIGH a try (cleaner harmonies.) The harmonizer uses a lot of CPU so it might start breaking up on HIGH latency.

*Note that the harmonizer plugin will not show up in the available outputs on the MIDI note track until you enable the Midi input on the plugin.*

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