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Synthesizer V Studio 1.9.0b1 Public Beta with RAP vocals! (Not a Deal)


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Today, we're officially releasing the Synthesizer V Studio 1.9.0b1 public beta update, announcing rap vocal synthesis support, Instant Mode revamped, and Cantonese cross-language synthesis updates for you!

Before you read the full press release, here is a brief description of the update:

- Rap vocal synthesis support. For the first time in the history of commercial song synthesis software, we have implemented the rap vocal synthesis, and bring it to all of AI voice database, Now available in Mandarin Chinese and English. (During the public beta, only Dreamtonics own voice databases available for RAP. It should also be noted that the singing voice database has a different performance power than the specialized RAP voice database due to the different training materials.).

- Rap voice database. We announced D-Lin, the Chinese rap male voice, and Ritchy, the English rap male voice, and released a feature-limited trial version of them for testing.

- Instant Mode revamped. The Instant Mode button has been removed and the pitch mode has now been redesigned to a note level option. With the newly released rap feature, each note will now be able to choose between three pitch modes: Manual, Sing, and Rap.

- Vibrato control. Now you can control the intensity of vibrato generation even in Song Mode(Formerly Instant Mode), or edit the vibrato effect more carefully with the vibrato envelope curve in the parameter panel.

- Transpose control. You can now enable or disable employing improvisational techniques like subtle pitch dips in Sing Mode, especially between notes, on a note group or track-wide scale, for more direct note-to-note singing variations.

- Cross-language updates. We've released cross-language synthesis support for Cantonese and released an underlying update for cross-language singing effects in all languages, which will get better pronunciation when they sing songs in non-native languages.

In a departure from previous releases where all notes are displayed in the Synthesizer V theme color, we are experimenting with a feature that assigns distinct colors to notes under Manual, Sing, and Rap modes. We encourage you to share your feedback on whether this color scheme provides effective visual differentiation or proves to be distracting, as we continually strive to improve the user experience.

It should be noted that this update requires the support of the beta voice database. We are first releasing a beta update for Dreamtonics' own branded voice database. Third-party voice databases released by other partners will be released in due course as they complete their internal testing and evaluation.

Also, this update may bring big changes to your workflow. The underlying update to the voice database may bring changes to the vocalist's pronunciation style, which may have a large impact on projects that have done a lot of phoneme editing. We recommend that you save the work in progress and find a comfortable position to start our new journey.

You can always keep the old version of the voice database to ensure that the vocal style of the song you are working on is not affected. Installing the beta version of the voice database will not delete the old version of the voice database already installed. You can switch voice database versions in the editor at any time.

You can read the full update press release here:



You can download the beta editor software here:

https://resource.dreamtonics.com.cn/download/English/Synthesizer V Studio Beta Version/


You can download the beta version of the voice database here:

https://resource.dreamtonics.com.cn/download/English/Voice Databases/Beta Releases/


You can download a free, feature-limited trial version of the Rap AI voice database here:

https://resource.dreamtonics.com.cn/download/English/Voice Databases/Feature-Limited_Trial/


Some pretty exciting changes in there!


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8 hours ago, Max Arwood said:

I want to get started. With this sale which 2 female and 1 male voices would you recommend? Do I have to buy synth V as well?


I'm not sure which sale you're referring to, but my favorite female voice, by far, is Solaria.  She's very versatile and sounds great with little or no tweaking.

None of the male voices I have (Asterian, Jun, Ninezero) are good enough to be 'favorites' yet.

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6 hours ago, Max Arwood said:

Do I have to buy the app and the voices?

No, not if you just want to demo them.  If that's the case you can download the demo versions of the Synthesizer V Editor and (some of) the voice libraries.

You will, however, have to buy both if you want to use all the advance features, like scripting.   IIRC there's a comparison between the demo and full versions of the editor on the Dreamtronics website.

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