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SOLVED! Shreddage 3.5 Stratus issue?

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Impact Soundworks confirm bug in NKS script found last Thursday.

Update to be released soon.

If anyone else has Shreddage 3.5 Stratus, see if you can confirm a possible issue in the NKS:

Power Chords Sustain articulation, notes from low E to C# octave are only making release noises, not actual pwrchrds. From D on up to D in the next octave is fine.

In Power Chords Mute articulation the octave issue is reversed. Releases only in top octave, pwrchrd mutes in bottom octave.

I'm trying to confirm if it is just my installation, or if some grouping got messed up in the script on this update (3.5 was released about 2 weeks ago).




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