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"World's goin Down" - new bats brew song

bats brew

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https://www.dropbox.com/s/8vwa9l0mf67f8vz/world's goin down.wav?dl=0

this is the 8th tune i've posted, off of my new album i'm working on.
the album will be called "Wild Animals".

since this is the first mix,
i'd love to get some response on how it's translating on everyone's different playback systems.

if you hear any issues, please let me know!

how the h3LL would you categorize this tune, if you had to?
i don't know what style to call it.

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On 8/3/2019 at 7:44 AM, jwnicholson78 said:

I wouldn't know how to categorize this.  I usually hate worrying about categories.

Awesome tune, whatever category it is.  Sounds ready for the radio to me.

hey JW,

yea, this one isnt really a standard form,

which was the idea.

thanks for listening

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I went to listen and got the ol 404.

16 hours ago, batsbrew said:

well, i DID post this last thursday...

and only got two reviews,

For me, I had been busy and didn't have the time to devote to giving a proper listening to any songs. It happens. But I do make my rounds and go back through the list to see what I missed.


Sorry I missed this one. I was a James Gang fan myself.

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