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WUP is back


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14 hours ago, Brian Walton said:

$34 per plugin is more than retail and this assumes each and every plugin added is one you would have bought.  

I personally just don't see it as a value proposition.  


Oh, I know and that's why I haven't purchased it at $34/plugin. But, suppose a typical WUP sales at 25% off ($180 cap), and 3 new plugins between now and when that happens. Then it would be $18 per plugin, that's why I'm saying "it's getting close".

My point anyway is - do the numbers instead of flat out dismissing it (as I see people often doing). Price per plugin is just an approximation. When a new Arturia collection comes out, I assign a value to each of the new plugins for how much I'd reasonably like to pay, and then compare the total to the cost of the upgrade. If it's good then I get the upgrade, if it isn't then I wait. For WUP it's the same process, what do I get and how much is it worth to me.

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