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Michael A.D.

Freebie - RipChord - like a watered down Cthulhu

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Check out RipChord - this is a freebie VST3 from Trackbout.

It's like the chord portion of Cthulhu (no arpeggiator) but even easier to use.   And there is a community of folks offering their chord presets for use in the program.

Here it is:


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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Tsai Phil said:

how to use it on CbB? I tried it, but it no sound…………

Add an instrument to CbB..I used Arturia Jup-8V. I dragged it from the browser using the defaults which makes separate audio and MIDI tracks.

Add Ripchord to CbB - I did this from the browser as above.

Make sure on the VST properties of these plugins that Enable MIDI Input and Output are selected (they were by default for me). 

On the instrument track (e.g. Jup-8V) select the MIDI input as Ripchord MIDI Omni and make sure you are monitoring the instrument to be able to hear its output.

You need to make a Ripchord preset to do anything (or load one from the community - requires a free account with them).

For a quick test....

Click on EDIT in the Ripchord UI.

Click on middle C on the input keyboard and a C Major triad or whatever you want on the output keyboard (C, E, G).  You can set up anything; this is just a quick test.

Name the preset and chord and switch back to PLAY mode.

Now when you play that note you will hear whatever notes you have set up on the output played on the instrument. You may need to set your keyboard as input for the Ripchord MIDI track if not already or just use the UI input keyboard.

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Not to forget setting Midi Echo On on both, Ripchord Midi Track and! Synth Midi Track.

It happened to me that I searched for a long while till I get the solution to get it to work.


Very  nice VST3, that's what Cakewalk should have;)



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