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Niky Serrano

PB - StereoSavage 2 Elements FREE after complete a survey

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From Plugin Boutique, you could get the plugin StereoSavage 2 Elements completely Free after complete a quick 5-minute survey


The plugin is this one (regular price, 29€):


The survey:


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I did the survey yesterday to ''shape the future of Plugin Boutique''

Most questions were about subscription...... 

  • Have you ever subscribed to a music production subscription?
  • What would you like to be included if you subscribed to a music production subscription?
  • how much would you pay per month for a subscription that offered the services you selected? 
  • Would you prefer to personalise the parts of the subscription you had access to (from the answers in the previous question), or just subscribe to everything?
  • Would you rather subscribe to:

I don't like subscriptions, because you only rent the product(s).
Once you have problems with payments, or your bank/internet provider have a malfunctions, your screwed and you loose acces to your work/projects/samples and plugins. I can't afford this.  Only Rent-to-own would be something to consider since that looks way more fair to me. 

Personally i don't like subscriptions. And i made that clear in filling this form.
I encourage people to fill in the form as well. It takes only 2 minutes work, and afterwards you recieve the free coupon code for the plugin.

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