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Toontrack Routing Issue

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Using Toontrack Drums. I have the proper drum maps installed and Cakewalk pointed to them.

1. Insert 1st synth instance (DFH), route, select map, works great.

2. Insert 2nd synth instance do the same - select Latin Percussion - route appropriately, Check on the Construct Page to make sure audio reports correctly.  Works great.

However, after adding a midi clip, it works only on Superior Drummer 2-2 (ie no map).  But if I select the Latin Percussion Map, then that midi (LP) reports to 1st instance midi track (DFH). All I get are cymbals clashing.

Again, checking the Construct page, audio reports correctly. Checked and double-checked Drum Map Manager. Seems correct. I'm sure it is something simple I'm overlooking.

SD - DFH Settings.png

SD - LP Settings.png

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Sounds like the Drum map is pointing to a specific instance of the synth. Open the Latin Percussion drum map and change the output to point to the 2nd instance of SuperiorDrummer.


NOTE: if you select all the entries (Ctlr-A) and hold shift or control or one of those down, then when you change one columns entry they all will change to the same thing.

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That was exactly the prob. I always assumed Cakewalk was smart enough the see this.

So, the lesson - if you want to used multi instances, you have to manually reset the outputs every time. Got it.

*** Ctl+A or any version did not work for me. Manul every line. Sure there is a way trhough.

Thank you for your help.


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