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How do I use a midi expression pedal in Cakewalk?


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Here is a forum thread that talks about the same issue. It may point you in the right direction.

Basically you need to have your expression controller be seen by Windows and Cakewalk so that its inputs can be used. 

Select it in the Midi preferences of Cakewalk.

Create a midi track to receive and record your expression input. 

The Gojira plugin should be in the effect bin of the audio track you are effecting.  In the Gojira Plugin window enable midi input and configure the midi CC messages that your EV pedal produces to control the whammy




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One way is if the Plug in you are using has Midi Learn then it's a simple matter of choosing the parameter you want the pedal to control, click the midi learn button and move the controller. Now that parameter will respond the in coming CC data. Make sure the controller is always connected when you open the project. 

I go into details in this new video I just released.



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Mod wheel CC#1, Volume CC#7 & Expression CC#11 are good places to start.

CC#11 Is nice because it can change the volume of an instrument as it played, CC#7 changes the volume of all following notes but not the currently playing one. (at least on my setup for external sound sources)

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