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APD Love Week - All Products at Base Price


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Note that the $5 coupon code APD-NWVBBYY9-5-OFF that was posted earlier by Leok85 can still be used in addition to the current promotion (although I got a message noting that the minimum purchase is $50).



Note as well that the Unlimited MIDI Bundle comes with $125 in vouchers (Look in the "bonus" folder for each of the 5 midi collections, each has a $25 voucher, no minimum purchase necessary but there are restrictions on what's eligible, e.g., not applicable to discounted bundles)

Additionally, since getting Ghosthack UPB2021 from APD doesn't give you the product directly (it gives a voucher that you then use to buy at Ghosthack's website), the purchase qualifies for the current "Buy One, get one 50% off" promotion, and e.g., you can get UPB2022 for $40, a good deal if you are interested in these kinds of libraries

Edited by Eusebio Rufian-Zilbermann
Added info about additional 50% at Ghosthack and $125 in vouchers at NN
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