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cakewalk by bandlab's start screen - maybe can be enhanced a bit

leaving february

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Hi Bandlab team,

I find cakewalk by bandlab's 'start screen'->'recent projects' list very useful. I love that I can pin projects I am still working on. 

  • Since the list is limited (can it be expanded?), and when the project is completed I would love to see a possibility to remove latter from the listing.
  • Also, I think it would be very helpful to have sort of short description field alongside with a project name in this list. I often start a project, and name it with a dummy name. And I end up with a bunch of unfinished projects in the list with the silly names like, a2.cpw, test.cpw, try_out.cpw etc.. . It is because the proper name usually comes to me when track is finished, often I starting up by testing some ideas, which end up to be a track worth to be working on.  Description field would be a big helper to organize work in progress projects, well at least for me.

please consider if possible,


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