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Using External Inserts within an FX Chain Preset

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Has anyone found a way to successfully add an External Insert within an FX Chain Preset?  Although External Inserts do not appear as a choice when you right click on the FX Chain container, I found it is possible to convert an External Insert  FX into an FX Chain.  That part works fine.

However when I save that FX Chain as a preset, delete it from the track or bus and then load it again, the Return Port allocation has disappeared and been replaced by 'None'.  The Send Port allocation is recalled just fine so it's a bit strange.

I'd like to use External Inserts within an FX Chain presets so I have a quick way to route a track or bus to specific external effects (which are connected via a number of External Inserts). 

I have dropped a note to Mark McLeod about this issue but I'd be grateful if anyone who has tried to do this can share there understanding, in case I am doing something wrong!

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