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Help! Playback Tempo is Faster and Higher Pitch


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I just had the strangest thing happen. While editing my song all of a sudden I noticed my song was playing back at a faster tempo and a higher pitch. I am not aware of making any changes like that and I wouldn't know how even if I wanted to. Even stranger, if I Export the audio,  the audio file plays at the original tempo and pitch. I have no idea why my playback inside Cakewalk is doing this?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You

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Thank you much. That tip gave me the clue I needed.

I think I figured out what happened. I was taking a several hour break so I put my PC to sleep and turned off my UA Solo audio interface. When I woke up the machine and turned the Solo back on Cakewalk detected the interface as being disconnected and loaded a different ASIO driver which I am guessing defaults to a different sample rate, and when I switched back to the Solo ASIO driver I/it failed to reset the sample rate, but this morning I rebooted the computer where I normally turn on the Solo first, and everything is back to normal.

Although I must say, I kind of liked the song at the faster tempo and higher pitch, cause now the original sounds like it's dragging, in comparison.😁

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