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Not a deal: All Waves serial numbers must be registered by March 26, 2023


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Just registered, coz this is the only place on the internet which discusses this topic. Looks like a subscription only from what I can tell...

This is outrageous. Waves keep their mouth shut as long as possible, probably until v15 release day...


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24 minutes ago, abacab said:

So after March 26th, its WUP forevah, or bust! 🙄

Yep. So as much as I love my Waves stuff, it's goodnight Irene for me. I will keep on using what I can as long as I can. After that I won't buy Waves anymore.

And if all plugins go the sub route, I will freeze my machine in a working state until I no longer need it.

I am getting up there in age. I am pretty sure I can hold out till the end!! :)

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