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Adding drum loops to a song with just a click track


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I have some songs I recorded with a metronome or straight drum beat.   I would like to add drum loops now in Cakewalk.  Does cakewalk sync the drums to the beats say 76bpm?

How would I go about syncing them after I put the entire drum track together?

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Depends. If they are acid or similar, they will follow the projects bpm. If not, you may be able to stretch/shrink to fit or you convert to groove loops. I would first move a clip and get it set to the beat and do that for each and then arrange them.

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There have been some techniques discussed for dragging imported audio from an audio track into Cakewalk's time ruler in the track view to create a tempo map via ARA.

The Cakewalk grid *should* adapt to the imported tempo with any changes included in the timeline.

Setting the project tempo from an audio recording


If you open up the Cakewalk Tempo track you can see the tempo region changes visually. I've also heard that the process isn't perfect, and some tweaking may be required, depending on your source material. I always work in the project grid and so really have no personal experience with importing external recordings, so no advice or experiences to share about using this feature. But it looks pretty cool and is probably worth checking out. Maybe others will chip in and share!

Tempo track


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