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My Favorite Theme AFUI 1.5 Brian Pro Mod (Almost Flat UI)

Brian Walton

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I'm creating a thread for this one as it seems the original, I used as a platform to mod, hasn't been updated for use in the current version of Cakewalk.

You can see the post about where the design came from and a note about some of the modifications, I made to it.

I call some of my mods "Pro" because it removes text from the interface that a novice with cakewalk would find helpful.  However, those of us that have used the interface for a decade know what the Pro-Channel is, FX bin, Bus Sends, etc so I got rid of that text to clean up the look/distraction.  

At this point, this interface has become what I think of Cakewalk looking like as I use it so much.  When I do a new install, everything looks wrong until I get this transferred over to the computer and therefore, this thread also serves as a "go to" when I need to find the theme to download.  😊

A few screen captures to give the general idea:






AFUI 1.5 - BW Pro_2021-12.sth

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2 minutes ago, Brian Walton said:

When I do a new install, everything looks wrong until I get this transferred over to the computer...

This. After using and making custom themes for so long, I feel uncomfortable with Mercury and Tungsten. Since I overhauled the Tools module in my new themes to take up as much real estate as possible and represent the tool cursors you actually get when you invoke them, the stock Tools buttons look spindly and odd. Like, what's up with the wrench? And no more 3-D tape recorder buttons on the Transport, I've gone to the flat Studio One/Ableton style.

I like this theme; the flat Transport and the Gain and Pan knobs especially. It's all business. And....MModernCompressor and VC-670 4 lyfe!

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