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Which way do you Hang?

Jesse Screed

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I've tried letting it hang low like the cool kids but that doesn't work for me. I do seem to like the Les Paul a little bit lower. But these two pics taken + 20 years apart with the same guitar show that, overall, try as I might, I always revert to the same strap length. 




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Having been schooled in the dark art of classical guitar (so many years ago I can barely remember), I still struggle to play anything without a footstool. 😂

For anyone in any doubt, this is neither a 'cool' nor a 'down with the kids' look.

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I wear mine high up when I play standing .

Currently I'm doing 99% of my home practice / playing sitting .

The last thing I want to do is trip over a 98 pound Pit Bull mix while I'm getting my groove on ...

Milo likes to block my path at home with the hopes of getting pet or dare I mention treats ...😉

On 1/26/2023 at 5:04 PM, Jesse Screed said:



Now thats what I call a real nice spot to take a poop at when one finds oneself out in nature roughing it .




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