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APD Deal - Arturia Fragments


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Never got the coupon, even though I'm subscribed and received the 50% off promotion email. 😢

It's a shame that I can't use my rewards wallet on these deals, but according to their FAQ:

"So, for every product in The Shop there are up to three different price points: List Price, Current Asking Price & Base Price. Rewards money can only be used in The Shop and not on The Deal as each two week deal is already priced at the base price and can not be sold for any less."


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1 hour ago, jackson white said:

+1 for this, not a typical staple in the tool box here, but finding it to be quite versatile and useful, 1 of maybe 3 best of for 2022.

Just waiting for a super deal now on the reverb Crystalline, by Baby Audio. Another one of the best new FX. It's $99 now, but was as low as $39 at Thomann last year.

The active sale listed here at Producerspot appears to be a typo. https://musicsoftwaredeals.com/price-history/crystalline-by-baby-audio/

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1 hour ago, Alan Tubbs said:

Great effect.  Only regret is I paid twice that.

still worth it, which is more than you can say about almost all variations/emulations of something you already have.

12 minutes ago, abacab said:

Crystalline, by Baby Audio

not that i need another verb, but intrigued by the approach, put it on the radar.

another dev doing a good job of fresh is Newfangled Audio / Invigorate. still getting used to it, but  liking how it enables a new perspective.

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