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Terrible sound on playback

Kyle J

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When ever I record in cakewalk and then play the track the sound is inaudible most of the time occasionally play a crackly muffled sound. I have my guitar going into my audio interface into my laptop, I know the problem is not with my audio interface (Focusrite 2i2) because if I use another program such as audacity, the sound is clear and plays back as expected, the wave also looks normal on the track, its only when playing it back or using imput echo, there is also no clipping happening either.

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ASIO4ALL is part of your problem here, and if you have issues using the proper Focusrite drivers, then there's something not right on your system. Some badly written drivers can cause issues even if they're just installed, even if your don't actually have them selected.

The reason those other apps work is because they're likely using MME, which is compatible with everything but will give you terrible performance and latency.

WASAPI can work but you may run into the issues you're experiencing here.

Uninstall ASIO4ALL, and any other generic ASIO driver that may be on your system (eg: Magix Low latency or Steinberg Low Latency, Realtek ASIO, etc.) Then download the correct ASIO drivers for the 2i2 from the Focusrite website and install them.

Try running Cakewalk again. If it crashes, you may need to delete your aud.ini file to stop it, which you'll find at %AppData%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core  (paste that into File Explorer to go there). Do this while Cakewalk is closed and it'll make a new one the next time it launches.

If that still crashes, you possible may need to clear out some of those bogus ASIO drivers from your registry. Let's try this stuff first.

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