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Xils Lab Poly M : My video on it + Sale


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Sale Still on XILS stufff !!!! 

I absolutly love this brand , late to the party but man , still stuff to perfect here and there (for the brand on some synths) but it's really plugins that have an analog  dna !!

Cheaper on Audio deluxe site 

Trying to show you some here .... 



 00:00:00 Intro and architecture / plugin tour

00:08:32 Presets : SYNTHS 00:11:37 FX : Reverb

00:13:36 FX : Chorus

00:15:22 Presets : PADS

00:19:09 Original Factory Presets & Split

00:23:54 OSC (Pulse and FM modulation) & creation of a patch

00:30:48 Modifiers (Filters)

00:34:47 Presets : SPLITS

00:39:36 Presets : STRINGS

00:42:55 Presets : LEADS

00:44:27 Presets : Conclusion


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12 minutes ago, Jan Schmitz said:

Yup, best synths on the market. Criminally underrated.

Exact but i suspect people been like me , i slept on those cause of guis and all ...but those actual guis are superb ...browser can be better as well as mod fx arp section , but it s actually a certain style ....

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4 hours ago, Eusebio Rufian-Zilbermann said:

Today I received an email from Xils-lab, with a link to your video. Congrats!

Oh ? that's why i saw more views  .... cooool !!! if i knew i would have edited better lol 

Why didn't i received it lol 

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