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Ernie Hatt

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3 hours ago, Ernie Hatt said:

I used the original Cakewalk some tears ago, but it no longer will load on 64 bit system, so have gone over to this version. My question is Is it possible to use files such as plug ins from the older version. Thanks

Probably unlikely....  

If they are DX plugins, then no. 

If they are 32bit VST then probably - but I would not recommend it - best to try and keep all plugins 64 bit - for stability.

It’s very possible that Cakewalk by Bandlab comes with an equivalent of the plugins you’re after...

Which specific plugins?

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"Cakewalk" has been fully 64 bit compatible since Sonar 5 in 2005... So if your "older" program is Sonar 5 or after you can simple install the 64 bit version on your machine... Anything older than Sonar 5 you could probably install the 32 bit version and use the 32 bit VST's with bitbridge as Promidi stated... You may also be able to use the 32 bit DX effects but it involves using a DX to VST wrapper... Not Recommended...

This is a spread sheet that someone compiled that tells you what plugins came with what version of Sonar...

Sonar Plugins 3 to X3

You maybe be able to cross reference and look for the plugins you are looking for and if they are available in another version of Cakewalk that you may have...


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