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On 7/25/2019 at 11:32 AM, freddy j said:

This is indeed a beautiful piece of music and your playing is excellent.  I ditto all of the comments above.

Excellent work!!

Thank’s for the very kind words and for listening.  Always appreciated...😊

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1 hour ago, Douglas Kirby said:

That was an enjoyable experience - great guitar playing and tone. Your Les Paul sounds excellent.  I played a Strat exclusively for years, but I recently picked up a Les Paul and I love it - a totally different playing experience, in my opinion.

Nicely done.

Funny, I was always a Strat guy too.  These days it doesn’t matter to me what style guitar I use as long as it’s the right guitar for the job.  Thanks for listening and commenting and thanks for the kind words.😊

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